Derick Clary


From: Tacoma, WA
Riding Since: 1972

He started riding at a very early age. Mostly off road motorcycles until his early 20's where he progressed into street bikes while still competing in off road events. 2010 brought on his first track day on a road course. He started racing with WMRRA in 2014 as a Novice.
He currently does track day instruction for Optimum Rider Performance Training. He holds his MSF certification through Washington Motorcycle Safety Program. He also instructs Advanced Street Skills with Puget Sound Safety. 

Winning his first Novice race with WMRRA 2014. Petitioning the board of directors to graduate into expert early.

WMRRA Rookie of the Year 2014

WMRRA 250 Ninja Cup Class Champion 2015
WMMRA 500 SS Class Champion 2015
WMRRA Ultra Lightweight SS Class Champion 2015


He had over 50+ races in the 2015 season with OMRRA/WMRRA.

He was new racer school mentor for the WMRRA 2015 season.

He attended the Rickdiculous school in Chuckwalla during February of 2016.