Austin McCabe


2017 Objective:

To represent and promote his sponsors through the 2017 motorcycle racing season in a positive and professional manner throughout the pits and on social media. Have a substantial presence on the West Coast and finish on the podium with every opportunity.


Born in Portland, Oregon he grew up riding BMC which started his love of two wheels. He bought his first vintage motocross bike in 2008 and won the Woodland Vintage 250 Championship in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016. He built his first vintage road race bike for his novice year of 2013 and had a best finish of 3rd. He joined the SFRC, a local riding club in 2013. During the 2014 race season he switched to racing a 2011 Ninja 250 which he raced for two years then he purchased a 2015 RC390 Cup Bike for 2016 and had a good season finishing second overall in three championships. The 2017 season is showing to have larger grids for the Ultra-Lightweight classes which he plans to have a dominant season competing in with new goals along with Pirelli support.

Previous Championships:

2014 OMRRA Championships:

  • 1st Ultra-Lightweight GP
  • 2nd Ultra-Lightweight Supersport
  • 3rd Lightweight Superbike
  • 3rd Ninja 250 Cup

2015 OMRRA Championships:

  • 2nd Ninja 250 Cup
  • 3rd Ultra-Lightweight Supersport

2016 OMRRA Championships:

  • 2nd Ultra-Lightweight GP
  • 2nd Ultra-Lightweight Supersport
  • 2nd Lightweight Supersport

2017 Race Bike and Goals:

KTM RC390 Cup Bike:

    • Compete in Ultra-Lightweight Supersport
    • Compete in Ultra-Lightweight Superbike
    • Compete in Ultra-Lightweight GP
    • Compete in Ultra Lightweight Supersport
    • Finish 3rd or better in each race entered
    • Finish 3rd or better in each championship entered
    • Top 5 in the OMRRA Clubman Championship
    • Compete in at least 2 rounds with podium finishes
    • Compete in at least one round with podium finishes


In the 2017 season he took forward to representing his sponsors with a positive manner on and off the track. He looks forward to keeping a positive relationship with his sponsors and promoting them with patches on his leathers, sticker placement on his bike and announcing their invollvement at the trophy ceremonies. He will also be wiling to attend or be involved with promotional items during the course of the 2017 season.